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In a world where microwave dinners and takeout food often suppress the joy of cooking, let’s try not to resign ourselves to the idea that our kitchen is best suited for reheating leftovers. 

We at AR Masale have a plan to stop this reheating madness! While fast-food and ready-made meals may be the order of the day, we don’t want you to miss out on the simple but incredible joys that come with preparing your own dishes! The spice Gods will now answer your culinary prayers because it’s time to try something creative with the all-new AR Masale 5Spice Pack!

By launching AR Masale’s 5Pack, we want you to get back in the game. So try a dish, and send us pictures. Get ready to join this online cooking contest. Here’s how to participate in it:

join the flavor revolution : share & win

Participating in the contest is easy:

  1. Follow @ar_masale on Instagram or @armasalegroup on Facebook
  2. Get the AR Masale 5Pack at INR 50/- by clicking here. 
    (or participate in our upcoming weekend giveaways to get one for free)
  3. Create a dish using any one of the 5Pack Masalas. Get creative, you can use one or all of them!
  4. Snap a picture of your creation & post it to Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #arcooking and #armasale. Don’t forget to tag  @ar_masale on Instagram or @armasalegroup on Facebook respectively.
  5. Share this article with your friends, family & fellow food enthusiasts. The more, the merrier!

contest dates : 20th october to 10th november, 2023

The contest begins on 20th October. Mark your calendars and set your alarms! The big reveal is just around the corner. For any queries please connect with us with the numbers given at the end of the page.

how will we decide the winners ?

Your creations will be evaluated based on the following criteria: 

Creativity (40 points): We encourage you to think outside the box. Judges will assess the innovation and uniqueness of your fusion concept, including how well you’ve blended different cuisines and flavors. 

Taste (30 points): The most crucial aspect of any dish is its flavor. There will be a direct online poll of the shortlisted entries! And the ones that people think may taste the best, win this segment. 

Presentation (20 points): Presentation matters, we eat with our eyes first. Judges will consider the visual appeal of your dish, including overall aesthetics. 

Storytelling (10 points): Share a story or memory related to your dish that highlights the role of AR Masale in your culinary journey. This optional element adds a personal touch to your entry.

Meet the 5Pack masalas

  1. Pav Bhaji Masala : Ready to give your Pav Bhaji a makeover? AR Masale’s Pav Bhaji Masala is like a magic wand for your favorite street food. Say goodbye to bland and hello to blissful bites! 
  2. Chole Masala : Calling all Chole fans! AR Masale’s Chole Masala is here to turn your chickpea dish into a flavor explosion. It’s the secret behind those restaurant-style Punjabi Dishes you’ve been craving. 
  3. Sabzi Masala : ( COMING UP NEW ! ) Elevate your vegetable dishes with our Sabzi Masala. A blend of aromatic spices to add authentic Indian flavors to any stir-fried dishes, curries, and side dishes. Its a masala which is at the essence of Indian cuisine.
  4. Biryani Masala : Biryani lovers, this one’s for you! AR Masale’s Biryani Masala is the ultimate shortcut to biryani perfection. You’ll wonder how you ever made biryani without it. 
  5. Sambar Masala : South Indian food aficionados, listen up! AR Masale’s Sambar Masala is the key to achieving the rich, aromatic flavors of a perfect sambar. Your dosas and idlis will thank you personally.

Winners Assemble

We know you are excited about the contest, but let’s talk prizes! 

1st Prize → A special gift hamper worth INR 1,000 along with 3 months-supply of AR Masale’s 5Pack of Masalas

2nd to 5th Prize → 3 months-supply of AR Masale’s 5Pack

So what are you waiting for? Get your aprons on, light up your stove, and start creating magic with AR Masale’s 5Pack of Masalas. Share your dishes, spread the love, and stand a chance to win these great prizes!


For more Information, contact Sandesh, the Author of this post : +91 9987 283 360
Connect with AR Masale at +91 9653 103 209

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