Fiery Tomatoes Pickle


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Those tomatoes bursting with juice, freshly picked from the garden. The sound of mum’s bangles as she would grind them into a fine paste. Childhood is nothing but a kaleidoscope of such memories.

And we have brought it back in this pot for you to relish. Spread it on your sandwich. Or have it as a finger hugging pickle. Or even as a dip with your favourite crispies.

It multitasks. Like mum.

Love. Red Tomatoes. Ginger. Garlic. Tamarind. Fenugreek Powder. Yellow Mustard Powder. Vinegar. Dry Red Chilly Paste & Powder. Salt. Mustard Oil

No colours, no artificial flavours. Made with love to store with love in a cool dry place.

Weight 200 g


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