Assal Malvani Subscription


Bringing you the best from Malvan, every month.

This Assal Malvani Subscription includes all the authentic products which we get every month from the villages of Malvan.

We entertain special orders and requests for any month. Check description to find more


Assal Mavlani Subscription – September Month

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!

1. Malvani Masale (100 gm)

2. Garam Masala (100 gm)

3. Haldi Powder (100 gm)

4. Modak Peeth (300 gm)

5. Malvani Pickle (200 gm)

6. Papad (100 gm)

7. Elaichi (10 gm)

8. Til (20 gm)

9. Khas Khas (20 gm)

10. Mix Spices (40 gm)




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