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Premium Garam Masala Powder from AR Masale. Find Garam Masala price at the best rates. This garam masala recipe has been passed down since generations. It was first used to make garam masala curry. The garam masala list makes use of 24 different spices. AR Masale gives you the best garam masala online.

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Get premium quality handmade products at the best garam masala price you’ll see. AR Masale makes the best garam masala powder. In addition, Our Garam Masala list has 24 different spices of India blended to perfection. No Indian kitchen is ever complete without this Garam Masala Powder.

Buy garam masala online. Garam Masala in English is called “Hot Spices!” This masala is now famous for its use in curries. In a way it is at the heart of many Indian cuisines.


FAQs about Garam Masala Powder


Is Garam Masala gluten-free?

Yes! Garam Masala is gluten-free and also Vegan.

Is there only one variety of Garam Masala?

There are so many! As much as there are states in India. At times even families have their own version of the garam masala. The ones in North India around Punjab contain a sweet aromatic texture to it. In addition to it, they use chilies to add more color than spiceness to the mix. Therefore, Black peppers are the actual hot ingredient there. The ones in the South usually use more Chillies. We make ours medium-spicy with a key attention to the different spices out there. You can always add red chilli powder to our mix after that to make it spicier if you like.

How Garam Masala originated?

The cold seasons in North India believe to have sown roots of this warming masala. In such weathers, Garam Masalas increased metabolism and thus were found in ancient Mughlai cuisines.


Garam Masala Powder Recipes

In conclusion, many garam masala recipes are out there. However, garam masala alternatives or garam masala substitutes exist. You can use them with other Masala in order to achieve perfect recipes.

Mix. Veg Curry | Bhindi Masala | Paneer Tawa | Moong Kachori | Cheese Paratha | Masala Bread | Veg. Burger | Paneer Chili Dosa | Dal Tikki | Chhole Tikki Chat | Pumpkin Pie | Spicy Cookies


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