Sambar Masala


Make tasty Idli Sambar or Medu Vada Sambar with AR Masale’s Sambar Masala. Use this Sambar Powder to make tasty dishes like Bisi Belle Bhaat, Tomato Saar and the famous South-Indian Rasam.

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AR Masale’s Sambar Masala is the best South Indian Sambar Powder. We make ours with a special recipe from the town of Udupi. Above all, this Udupi Sambar Masala is great! Find out more about Sambar Masala recipes in AR Masale’s recipe page. Find out about the raw sambar masala ingredients we use below:

Sambar Masala Powder Ingredients

We make our Sambhar Masala with cumin, coriander seeds, cinnamon and many other whole spices.

Pair it with Ukda Rice in order to have the best South Indian combos of all time.

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