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Malvani Masala is one of our premium masalas, very close to home. Malvani Masala prices are now available with us. AR Masale makes the best Malvani Masala. Be it Malvani Chicken or Goan-style Chicken, or even Mangalorean Chicken or Chicken Tikka Masala, we got you covered. Follow our recipes on this masala to get the best taste in your Malvani or Konkani Cuisine! Please note that our Malvani Masala is veg. You can use it in preparing dishes like paneer tikka masala too.


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Buy Malvani Masala from AR Masale. This malvani masala powder is perfect to make authentic malvani style curry and masalas, chicken masala with chapathi, or even chicken masala for biryani. Click here to buy Biryani Masala


Chicken Masala v/s Garam Masala

Both garam masala and chicken masala are spice blends. In order to make garam masala, you use more chillies than other ingredients. Therefore, Garam Masala is hotter than Chicken Masala. Adding items such as black peppers and methi make Chicken Masala more tasty.  Above all, Garam Masala is used mostly at the end of cooking whereas Chicken Masala is used while cooking. You can buy Garam Masala from AR Masale here


FAQs about Malvani Masala


Does Malvani Masala have dairy?

Our Malvani Masala is free from dairy. In order to prepare the dish Chicken Masala or Chicken Tikka Masala, we use yogurt. In order to make your Chicken Masala without yogurt, you can change it by using coconut milk

Does Malvani Masala have nuts?

Our Malvani Masala contains traces of nutmeg and cashew. If you are allergic to nuts, then please call us and we can make a special batch for you.

Is Malvani Masala non-veg?

No. Our Malvani Masala powder is purely vegetarian. You can use it in making Paneer Tikka Masala or other Malvani recipes too.

Which Malvani Masala is Best?

AR Masale makes the best Malvani Masala. Our attention to the spice blends make it easy. Above all, we use:

Handmade Process | 100% purity

What is Malvani Masala made up of?

We make our masala using 5 types of red chilies, black peppers, khas khas, star anise, etc. We use 25 spices to make this special masala. Our Malvani Masala is spicy but has a sweet tone to it, mostly because of nutmeg.

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