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Misal Masala is used in Misal Pav, which is a popular breakfast in Maharashtra. With the goodness of legumes & sprouts and a ravishing spicy taste, this Missal is many people’s favorite Brunch option too. People across the World now prefer Misal as an exotic breakfast as it gives you a spicy & healthy kickstart to your day! With AR Masale’s Misal Masala, you can now make Misal Pav within just a few minutes. Follow our recipe here.

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Order Misal Masala online! Add spice in your Breakfast with Maharashtra’s favorite Misal Pav. Who knew that sprouted moth beans can taste so incredible?! This classic blend of authentic aromatic spices that instantly add a spice in your cuisine. You can easily make different Homemade Misal Pav Recipes in 5 different ways when you buy Misal Masala online from AR Masale

AR Masale’s Misal Masala (मिसळ मसाला)  makes for a perfect healthy & spice-filled breakfast or brunch. Jump to our Recipes section to search how you can easily use this Misal Masala to make different kinds of Misal Pav.


About AR Masale’s Missal Masala & Misal Pav

Missal Pav is a popular spicy Maharashtrian breakfast or brunch option. There’s a local version for every region of Maharashtra – Puneri Misal, Kolhapuri Misal, Nagpuri Misal, Mumbai Misal, or Nashik Misal. Simply decoded, there’s two main constituents to every preparation.

  1. the Ussal – which is the thick spicy sprout mix,
  2. the Rassa (also called tarri or kat) – which is a watery gravy.

The tarri is either a Laal Rassa (Tambda Rassa, a Red Gravy), a Kala Rassa (a Black Gravy), or a Hirva Rassa (a Green Gravy). The tarri is then engulfed with Crispy Farsan on the top and a dash of onion and lemon served with pav (bread).

AR Masale’s Misal Masala helps you make authentic Maharashtrian Misal. We blend the spices in the right proportion to give you ultimate spice control over your recipe. It will make your homemade dish taste absolutely fantastic, ever tastier than the ones at restaurants or in the street-foods.


Why AR’s Misal Masala?

We make AR’s Misal Pav Masala from the freshest and purest of ingredients. You can make Misal Pav in minutes quickly and easily using our Masala. Not only that, you can choose to make it in different styles by following our recipes too. Check our Misal Pav Recipes here.

Kolhapuri Misal Pav | Puneri Misal Pav | Mumbai Misal Pav | Nagpuri Misal Pav | Khandeshi Misal Pav | Nashik Misal Pav


What is Misal Masala made of?
AR’s Misal Masala ingredients : 4 different types of Chillies from India (Belgaum’s Bedgi Mirchi, Salem’s Pandi Mirchi, Kashmiri Mirchi, and one secret Chilli cultivated in Malvan) | Onion | Salt | Coriander Seeds | Garlic | Clove | Black Pepper | Cinnamon | Bay Leaves | Star Flower | Tirphal | Sugar (trace amounts)


Which is the best misal masala?
AR Masale offers the best misal masala online, which you can order at https://www.armasale.in/product/misal-masala and enjoy homemade, delicious, and flavourful misal pav. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel or Follow us on Instagram & Facebook to know more about us



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