Goda Masala


Goda Masala is a traditional Maharashtrian aromatic spice mix used in many famous Maharashtrian recipes. It contains more than 25 spices, individually roasted and then blended to a perfect consistency. AR Masale’s Recipe for making this Goda Masala has its’ roots in Pune, when this was used to give a sweetish-flavor to Dal.

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Maharashtra’s only spice with a taste of sweetness, this aromatic Goda Masala (Goda in Marathi means Sweet) is used to make tasty recipes like Matki Usal, Dal, Masala Rice, and Bharli Vangi (Baigan Bharta, Stuffed Brinjal)

Made without garlic & onion, Goda Masala renders a sweet & delicate taste to your recipes. We use Dagad Phool (or Stone Flower) in the making of this Masala.

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